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To Whom This May Concern... - Society's Passive Child [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Society's Passive Child

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To Whom This May Concern... [Dec. 22nd, 2003|09:00 pm]
Society's Passive Child
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[Tunes |Claude Debussy - Clair de lune]

Welcome to the Journal of:
Society's Passive Child

A 'Friends Only' Journal


Swine Flu? Bird Flu? No, its just a Twitter Bug.
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ADVISORY MEMORANDUM: The following Bio-Hazardous collection of random and relinquished thoughts, are currently subjugated to a 'Friends Only' security level. The cognitive reasoning for this, comes with the educated rationale that strangers should invariably be viewed 'with a grain of salt', as many are unfortunately worth about the same. Nevertheless, My Journal is a Biography of my life with thoughts through my eyes and therefore may not reflect the shared opinion of LiveJournal and/or its viewers. My intent (if any) for writing is based on my own cognizant-expansionism and/or intellectual enlightenment, moreover it helps relieve the stresses in Life; a bit of "word-therapy", if you will. Thereupon my views may occasionally embody repetitive opinions contradictory to each other or offensive to some people; whereas offense is rarely the objective. (Keep in mind not even the Bible is perfect, though it is the fundamental literary basis to Christianity and Catholicism.)

Ergo, I ask applicable persons interested in viewing my meditative reflections, introspective musings, and objective psychobabble (which may inevitably have me hanged or incarcerated) to courteously comment below. [As a result of inessential demeanor: The option for anonymous responses has been disabled. Equally recognize that any ludicrous comment will not be validated with a response, as such a message is officiously juvenile. Furthermore, if you find this entry to be asinine, please ascertain the apparent constructive boredom from which this memorandum was fabricated. Moreover, I must advise these inane individuals elsewhere as my sardonic, cynical, and often sarcastic writings held within this Journal may be inappropriate with concern to their troglodyte mentality. All Sarcastic facetiousness aside: If you've read this far your either outraged at the derisive "jesting", wherein you've obviously overlooked the intent – or your genuinely interested in something I may possibly have to say. Either way, I welcome all open-minded people to comment below, as I am not as hermitic as the above memorandum might have portrayed. Thank You.


From: alibiandjustify
2007-01-11 06:48 pm (UTC)
Can I add you?
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[User Picture]From: kurzdorfer
2007-01-12 12:32 am (UTC)
Sure... I've added you too

Life comes and goes, but with a few moments we should hold on to. As of late my life has been going, leaving little time to write, although, I have more to express now than time in the day to articulate it. Nevertheless I will be posting more, just thought you might like to know.


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